Several companies have revealed their fiscal year financial results recently with Sega Sammy joining the fray. As Sega has done previously, the company has outlined their best-selling franchises. These include Yakuza, Total War, and of course, Persona. Within the quarter consisting of April, May, and June 2021 each franchise has done quite well.

When taking Persona specifically, the results reveal the franchise has sold 400k copies worldwide within this timeframe.

Persona Franchise

Interestingly enough, 2020 proved a big year for Persona as well. Persona 5 Royal was released for the PS4 while Persona 4 Golden was released on Steam. The following February saw the release of Persona 5 Strikers across multiple platforms. So, naturally, this led to a great period for Sega where the franchise saw 3 million copies sold in the timeframe between March 2020 to March 2021.

Looking a bit deeper, we know Persona 5 Strikers sold 1.3 million copies as of April 27th 2021. While, Persona 4 Golden reached 1 million copies sold as of June 30th 2021. With these two recent successes it’s no wonder Sega will look to pursue multiple platform releases in the future.

Sega states Fiscal Year ending March 2022 had exceeded their expectations. Sales continue to be strong in the west which is why they will look to prioritize simultaneous releases. No more evident than the upcoming Lost Judgement, set to release in September.

Source – Persona Central