News broke earlier this week when it was finally made official: Sony had acquired Finnish game developer Housemarque, creators of Resogun, Alienation, Returnal, and much more.

In some not so-breaking-news, while he avoided dropping any names, in an interview with Finnish site ‘Yle’, CEO Ilari Kuittinen, Sony wasn’t the only big player that wanted to acquire the developer.

Usual suspects: big players in the sector from China, Sweden and the US. I have to say that we have had a very special spring and the fact that we were being competed for even feels a little surreal.

It was clear from our discussions that Sony wanted to buy us because we were doing something that other people weren’t doing. Their starting point has not been that we would start making games according to a formula defined by Sony.

While the amount Sony paid for Housemarque has yet to be revealed and it might never be. I’m sure it helped everyone involved on HM’s side acquire a few more bucks in their pockets during negotiations with Sony knowing they weren’t the big pub trying to snatch them up.

You can read the official statements regarding the acquisitions here. If you want to more details about it all, read @jaythompson77’s article about how the deal went done, when negotiations started back in 2020!

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