Yes, we know this isn’t exactly ‘new’ news considering it hit a couple days ago, but the Dead Space fan in me had to cover this regardless!

Rumors hit recently that EA is currently working on rebooting the Dead Space franchise, as they aim to ‘reimagine’ the game. However the rumors have changed just a little bit.

The Grubbster at Venture Beat is saying that the game will be a ‘remake’ of the first game which will add elements from the other two games of the series. I’m absolutely down for remake so that EA Motive can put their twist on things. EA is looking at how Capcom has (very!) successfully managed to remake Resident Evil 13, adding new elements, yet giving fans of the series all the greatness they know and love.

Could we see our first look at this new Dead Space at the upcoming EA Play 2021 event? If that’s the case, you better be believe we will have plenty of coverage for it!

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