Allow me to preface this by saying theories of Abandoned secretly being a new Silent Hill game, should be taken with a massive grain of salt.

However, I can’t help but notice the energy this has generated. From forums to Twitter, everyone is abuzz trying to piece together some elaborate puzzle. There is genuine excitement and it is palpable.

It’s reminiscent of the Souls community coming together to try to open the hidden door Bluepoint added in the Demon’s Souls Remake. It’s a reminder that the gaming community is not solely capable of constant streams of negativity. Instead, we can work together as a community, share discoveries, cross out inconsistencies and put it towards a single goal.

Like the journey to gain entry through Demon’s Souls secret door, I imagine the hunt will prove more worthwhile than the reward itself. But that shouldn’t invalidate the entertainment we drew from said journey.  Down below, lies some of the strangest links between Blue Box and Hideo Kojima discovered by reddit users in recent days. So, read them at your own discretion!

Blue Box Game Studios Hideo Kojima

Some of the Weirdest Links Between Blue Box Game Studios and Hideo Kojima

So, could we possibly see this Blue Box Game Studios and Hideo Kojima situation as a repeat of the Phantom Pain?  Personally, this whole thing has managed to simultaneously line up with tons of stuff that surpasses mere coincidence. Yet, there also lies plenty of far reaches required to support this idea.

Also, Blue Box should not receive a shred of backlash if this turns out to be anything other than Silent Hill. The team has tried to debunk their affiliation to Kojima twice now. So, we only have ourselves to blame if any disappointment stems from this. Either way, this is a stroke of marketing genius in my opinion for a game that received little to no attention during its announcement.

[Source – TheBlueBoxConspiracy]