As if today couldn’t get more crazy, PS5 exclusive Abandoned might actually be Silent Hill. In a not so subtle tweet, the team teased the actual title of their game. This of course, sent the internet into a chaotic whirlwind of emotions. But, who could blame them? After years of rumors and nothing to show for it after each gaming showcase. Everyone sits on the edge of their seat whenever the words Silent Hill are mentioned. Yet, Blue Box Games certainly seems to be playing with fire on this one, huh?

Is Abandoned Actually Silent Hill?

In a recent tweet, the team asked fans to guess Abandoned’s actual name. Specifically, saying the first letter is a S and the last letter is an L. Naturally, this led people to believe the title is actually Silent Hill.

Obviously, excitement has caused some to preemptively jump the gun. There exists other words fitting the criteria like Sigil or Supernatural. Overall, I personally don’t feel too convinced of this being Silent Hill. As much as I want it to be the case. Some would contest the idea of handing such a beloved ip to a small, unproven studio. On the other hand, does it really make sense to ruin the surprise through a tease on twitter in the middle of a Tuesday? I don’t know, it just seems like an ace up your sleeve you’d want to keep until your own showcase.

And apparently, that reveal is coming soon so why not wait?

Some have made connections to Kojima already with a recent tweet of his. Also, there’s the funny coincidence of the game director’s initials being the same as Hideo Kojima. Merely a coincidence, right? People will also bring up the studios quiet past as a team no one has really heard about. This is all certainly fun to get into but I’m personally still hung up on the timing of it all.

I will give Abandoned credit in one regard. The game’s reveal has certainly been unorthodox, a quality Kojima has hung his hat on for decades. Many gamers have called this a marketing stunt to draw up interest in the game, as well. All I know, is that I hope Blue Box knows what they’re doing because this could really blow up in their face.