Asobo Team’s A Plague Tale: Innocence rose above the rest to claim our coveted Indie game of the year award in 2019 and the hearts of many gamers that year as well.

While a sequel has yet to be confirmed, an ‘Insider‘ has ‘predicted’ a list of games they think will be confirmed at E3 2021. A Plague Tale: Requiem is on said list.

Soon after, Deluxera on ResetEra claimed the following:

I can tell you, from my own sources, that A Plague Tale Requiem is at least correct.

The game will be revealed at Xbox showcase and will be a Day One Gamepass title. It will also launch on Playstation and Switch via cloud version. Release date 2022.

Asobo will also reveal a next-gen remaster of the first Plague Tale game. If you are on Playstation 5 don’t purchase it right now as it will be included on the July PSPlus.

We will see how right or wrong they are once more and more announcements begin to hit with E3 2021 about to go down.

Seeing as how I never played the original game, I would most definitely be down for it joining the PS Plus lineup next month!

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