Destruction AllStars has had quite the journey on the PS5. Originally starting out as a $70 title, it went AWOL then reappeared as a PS Plus title for all PS5 subscribers to enjoy.

If you happened to miss out on downloading the game, it is now $19.99 and appears to have a dedicated fanbase that enjoys it, but that isn’t stopping developer Lucid Games from adding online bots to help fill matches during low peaks for the game.

In their most recent Reddit post the team talks about the addition of online bots to help with ‘the community the size of Destruction AllStars, spread out across the world we do have peak times and low times of player activity for online matchmaking’.

All I ask if that they’re not as garbage tier as the Fortnite bots can be at times. You can read about the latest Destruction AllStars update here.

Here’s what the team is currently focusing on in upcoming updates:

Global Parties

Global Parties will allow you to party up with friends and queue into any Solo modes as well as Team modes..

This is something we’ve been looking into for a while, but it had a few dependencies before we could be sure it was good to go.

Playlist Feature

We want to make selecting and matching for your favourite game modes easier, so we’re working on an update to Playlists and how you can find the game mode you want to play.

We’ll have more information on how the playlist feature will work further down the road!

Online Bots

With a community the size of Destruction AllStars, spread out across the world we do have peak times and low times of player activity for online matchmaking.

(The peaks being around UTC 4pm – 10pm weekdays and UTC 2:00pm until 1:00am on the weekends)

We want to ensure that matches are filled to capacity with as many real players as possible, but when missing X amount of players when queuing for a match, AI bots will take the remaining places. The exception to this is Blitz, as a competitive mode, Blitz will never feature Bot’s.

Quality of Service

  • Slams

We’ve heard your feedback with slams, sometimes they just don’t feel like you slammed anything.

We’re going back into our slam feature and seeing where we can make changes, improvements and over all tighten this up to make it feel more rewarding and responsive.

  • Ghost Hits

Ghost hits are something we’re more than aware of and working on reducing and mitigating as much as possible. We’re currently looking into further network improvements as well as how to make sure the servers Destruction AllStars is played on are more stable and responsive.

  • Balancing

Now out of the game release phase, we want to have more focus on balancing our AllStars to ensure they all bring something to your match.

This is something we always want to hear from you on what you like, what you think could be improved to what you just don’t like at all. We can balance from data all day long but what really matters is what you, the community, thinks.

  • Abilities

Just like the balancing focus above, we also want to take a new look at how some characters’ abilities (on-foot and in vehicle) interact with other AllStars in the game.

We’re not sure yet if these will be small tweaks or completely changing, but it is something that we’re investigating and working on.

Once these updates and changes go live we will be sure to let you know, Brah!

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