Watch Dogs: Legion’s Title Update 4.0 was one of its largest yet, bringing with it new character, missions, modes, character customization, and much more.

Ubisoft has revealed some of their plans for the next Title Update, 4.5! It will include ‘one of the biggest requests from our next-gen console players’, the 60fps performance mode!

It’ll also focus on the following:

Mina bug fixes: Players really embraced Mina as part of their DedSec and we’re happy to see so many of you trying out her powers and finding new, creative ways to use her abilities. We’ve also seen bug reports coming in through our website. Thanks to those reports the team has been busy working on fixing these issues; many which will arrive with TU 4.5. The following Mina related bugs will be fixed in TU 4.5:

  • Mina will keep the weapon of a formerly possessed NPC
  • Players are unable to return to Mina if the NPC they control dies
  • Players are unable to exit Mind Control
  • A bug where certain NPCs will gain Mina’s skills and abilities
  • A bug where players can Mind Control NPCs they shouldn’t be able to
  • An issue where players are forced to restart the game if they use Mind Control on an NPC when going out of bounds

You’ll be able to read full list of TU 4.5 fixes and improvements when we release the patch notes closer to launch. TU 4.5 also brings the Tactical Op, Project OMNI.

Once TU 4.5 is live, we will be sure to share with you all the additional details it might bring with it. Have you been enjoying all of the new content that has released for Watch Dogs: Legion?

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