Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios since 2019, certainly made the news this past week when he teased that there was over 25 new PlayStation Studios titles coming to the PS5 in the future.

While 1st-party titles are always double nice, 3rd-party support is the key lifeline to any successful console. Don’t believe me? Ask Sega about EA’s lack of support for the Dreamcast.

Sony took a chapter from Microsoft’s book last-gen, making major deals with many third-party publishers for timed exclusive content. It appears to have paid-off in their favor as it has been said that Sony plans to continue doing so this current-gen.

Christian Svensson, Head of Global Third-party relations at PlayStation wanted to get a word in about all of his hardwork with their third-party partners over on LinkedIn.

We already know of a few deals Sony has made – particularly with Square Enix for Forspoken and Final Fantasy XVI and Gearbox Software for Godfall‘s limited exclusivity window among others.

So what could be next? With the many different summer gaming events upcoming, we could hear of a few in the not too distant future.