Spoilers? Maybe? I mean, the entire storyline for Resident Evil Village was leaked months ago due to those Capcom hacks. Plus from all the trailers and material from pre-release didn’t even tease these character’s appearance even once. Read on if you don’t care!

Now that Resident Evil Village has been out for purchase a whopping two days (with several of you already finishing it!), here’s an interesting nuggest of information for you to enjoy.

It appears that Ada Wong was originally set to help our boy Ethan Winters out in REV but was ultimately cut from the game. If you received the “trauma pack” DLC you also get the digital art book which gives us a look at Ada in what looks to be a ‘plague doctor’ outfit with a badass crossbow.

The captions read:

Early plans had a mysterious masked person that saves Ethan. This was going to be Ada Wong investigating the village, but this was cut due to a number of conflicting scenarios.

Another scene has Ada helping Ethan escape from a battle with Heisenberg. Seeing as how the storyboard process takes place at the beginning of most projects, the decision to cut Ada had to have been early on. I mean, why have Ada when you can have Chris Redfield version 3.0 who can no longer smash giant boulders with his fist. Nerf of the century, Brah!

The captions below read:

An early plot point was to have Ada, disguising herself with a mask, help Ethan escape from his trial.

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