We’re one day closer to the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launching on the PS4 and PS5 thanks to its backwards compatibility.

Bioware started the celebration yesterday with 1.7GB of FREE Mass Effect content that you need to download before May 31st.

Now we know the graphical performance modes on the PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5.

  • Favor Quality prioritizes achieving the highest visual fidelity possible in exchange for a lower target framerate.
  • Favor Framerate prioritizes the highest framerate possible by scaling native resolution and reducing some graphical features.

For a more in-depth breakdown: 

PlayStation 4: 

  • Favor Quality – Up to 30 fps @ 1080p
  • Favor Framerate – Up to 60 fps @ 1080p

PlayStation 4 Pro: 

  • Up to 30 fps @ 4K UHD
  • Up to 60 fps @ 1440p

PlayStation 5: 

  • Up to 60 fps @ 4K UHD
  • Up to 60 fps @ 1440p

Unfortunately the way that the PS5 handles backwards compatibility, PlayStation 5 owners won’t be able to hit 120fps like Xbox Series owners will be able to. EA would have to develop native PS5 versions of each games and I don’t see them doing that anytime soon.

Wondering how much HDD/SSD space three highly Remastered games and all of their respective DLC content will take? PlayStation Game Size has the answer!

So make sure you have plenty of free room next week, Brah! But hell, that’s not bad for a trilogy of games, completely revamped, with all the additional content released for it.

Male sure to pre-order the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition at Best Buy to get that sweet SteelBook case!

Commander Shepard needs you again on May 14th. Will you answer his call?

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