One of the biggest takeaway from Jason Schreier’s ‘doom and gloom’ report on the State of PlayStation report was the news that Sony had reportedly rejected the pitch for Days Gone 2.

The report claims Sony instead wanted the team at Bend Studio to help with the The Last of Us Factions multiplayer for Naughty Dog AND to create the next Uncharted game under the guidance of ND.

Creative Director of Days Gone, Jeff Ross, who has since left Bend Studio to join NetherRealms Studio, was invited by PlayStation Icon David Jaffe to talk about the situation on his Podcast. While Jeff couldn’t reveal all, he did clarify some issues related to the Bloomberg article.

Fans didn’t take lightly to all of this negative news. Sure, Days Gone didn’t exactly set the Metacritic world on fire, it did manage to outsell every Bend Studio game released before it combined.

So fans do what some fans naturally do. They started an online petition to get Sony to make DG2. It has certainly gained some attention, but we didn’t feel the need to cover it. Until now.

As of this moment, the Days Gone 2 petition has over 75,000 signature. 76,188 to be exact. Sure, it probably won’t gain any kind of serious attention unless it reaches a cool million or two signatures from potential buyers, but it’s still excellent to see fans supporting it.

Days Gone is a part of April’s PlayStation Plus offerings, so do yourself a favor. Download it, play it, then if you enjoyed it, sign the petition. Because in the world of video games, never say never.