Apparently, a new rumor suggests that Sony has had talks with Konami to develop a new Castlevania game.

Now, we all know of Konami’s recent unwillingness to develop new entries in their legendary titles. Franchises such as Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania have all remained dormant for years. For example, the last Metal Gear entry was 2018’s Survive which was…certainly something. While, Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2 released in 2014. Yet, there may exist some hope for more.

Reputable source, KatharsisT received a question pertaining to whether or not Sony was working on a Castlevania game. Of course, this comes in light of the bevy of Silent Hill and Metal Gear rumors associated with Sony. KatharsisT responded stating Sony and Konami were ‘in discussion’ pertaining to a possible new entry. However, that’s pretty much the extent of what they know. Obviously, there isn’t any confirmation so, naturally we should regard this with a massive grain of salt.

Sony Castlevania

Yet, with the appearance of Konami at this year’s E3, something is definitely happening. This situation gets a bit murky however, with Sony once again branching away from the event to do their own thing. However, Konami’s appearance alone, does fill me with some hope that they’re back and actively leveraging their ips in some way or another. Why else show up? Whether they’ll have their own dedicated show where they can announce these titles in collaboration with Sony or if they show up in other conferences, remains to be seen. But, nonetheless, things are certainly happening in the background. Between this and the Metal Gear Solid Remake rumors, we are possibly heading towards something exciting.