Can’t get enough Horizon Zero Dawn in your life? Enjoying the hell out of your free copy of Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition??

IF you’ve beat the game, then you definitely need to get hands on Titan Comics’ Horizon Zero Dawn #0-4, it helps get things ready for Horizon Forbidden West, as it introduces some of the new enemies you’ll be facing later this year.

Now the series continues with Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation, set during the events of the original game, this new series will see Aloy and fan-favorite Erend go on their own buddy quest!

This series is once again being written by Horizon Zero Dawn Narrative Director Ben McCaw and writer Anne Toole.

The official description of the upcoming series:

Taking place during the events of the original game, this new arc explores the never-before-told adventures of Aloy and her fan-favorite sidekick Erend as they hunt for a killer with links to his past. As their journey progresses, and the pair fend off a series of deadly machines, Erend reveals the sweeping tale of the liberation of Meridian, and how his sister, Ersa, Captain of the Carja Vanguard, was murdered.

Here’s a gallery of all the covers you’ll be able to collect when the new series starts July 14th digitally and at your favorite comic book shop!