Since Nate’s story came to an ‘end’ in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End in 2016, which was followed up by Nadine and Chloe’s most excellent adventure in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, fans have been patiently awaiting the next chapter in the beloved PlayStation series.

Rumors started back in 2018 that Sony was assembling a new ‘secret’ team based in San Diego to begin work on a new Uncharted game. You can find random tweets from those that were involved with this project if you look close enough.

The major kicker though? Bloomberg revealed the project that San Diego team was working on, T1X, wasn’t an Uncharted was a REMAKE of the original The Last of Us for the PS5!

You can read about that entire situation in the link above. So what about the much rumored Uncharted game? Well, according to Bloomberg that was thrust upon Days Gone developer Bend Studio. After rejecting their pitch for a Days Gone 2, the Bend team was ‘split’. Half of them working on The Last of Us Factions multiplayer and soon the other would help create a NEW Uncharted game under the guidance of Naughty Dog!

For those who don’t know, Bend Studio did create the highly rated and successful Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the PS Vita, so they have had past experience with the series. Unfortunately, according to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, the idea for the game never got off paper before the team assigned to create it pushed back and were ultimately given the chance to start on a new IP.

Eurogamer also chimed in on the matter, revealing their information about this Uncharted game that might never be.

Eurogamer had heard about the now-scuppered plans for a new Uncharted game at Sony Bend, which was set to be a new chapter in the series separated somewhat from Naughty Dog’s previous games. One person familiar with plans told us it had been intended as something of a reboot for the franchise, with one idea being for a prequel, before Sony Bend departed the project.

The craziest part about this whole story in my opinion, is that, according to Jason’s story, VASG’s original plan was to remake Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune!

The team originally planned on a remake of the original Uncharted game, released by Naughty Dog in 2007. That idea quickly fizzled because it would be expensive and require too much added design work. Instead, the team settled on a remake of Naughty Dog’s 2013 melancholic zombie hit, The Last of Us.

When could we see another Uncharted game? Neil Druckmann more or less said ‘never say never‘ when it comes to Naughty Dog working on another Uncharted game. Never count out a series that has surpassed sales of 41 million plus almost four years ago.

If Sony really is in this ‘blockbuster or bust mentality that everyone claims they are, it won’t be long before they figure out a way to take a drink or two from the Uncharted fountain.

Do you want more Uncharted in your gaming life? Or should it stay buried and forgotten? Let us know in the comments below!