Unlike the PS Vita, one of Sony’s biggest markets, the UK, continues to show strong adoption with the PS5. While, we don’t have concrete numbers per region, we do have an interesting tidbit related to its success thus far. Although, it may not be eyebrow raising, it’s still a fun detail worth mentioning.

PS5 PS Vita

The information comes to us from Gamesindustry.biz’s Christopher Dring, who lays this out plainly. Simply put, the PS5 since releasing in late November, has outsold lifetime sales for a number of systems. Those systems include, the PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U and the SEGA Dreamcast in the UK.

Sure, at face value this isn’t the most esteemed company. Certainly, this isn’t anything worthy of too much celebration. Yet, at least we have confirmation the PS5 won’t bomb as hard as the PS Vita in the UK, right? At the very least, it’s impressive to see early success despite the slowdown of manufacturing.

While, stock has improved marginally in the territory, demand still far exceeds supply. A pretty common story for others around the globe attempting to grab their own console. Even despite the shortages plaguing the launch of the PS5, the console still managed to be their best launch in PlayStation history. And they’ll need the European market to sustain that success.