Shortly after the launch of the PS5 in Japan, many showed concern over how well it would sell. Which, would seem in line with Nintendo’s eclipsing of the PlayStation and the dominance of mobile gaming. At the start, concerns seemed warranted as early numbers showed a low allocation to Japan. But, its been reported, the console is doing much better in Japan despite shortages.

PS5 Steady Sales in Japan

PS5 Japan

According to Japan’s most notorious games site, Famitsu, the PS5 has sold a total of 517,916 units in Japan. In addition, we can also see a consistent number in units sold as the year progresses. For instance, March 8th and March 14th, saw 37,851 units sold. While, between March 15th and March 21st saw another 34,657 units sold. So, all in all the performance has moved steadily with March, seemingly, one of the consoles best months thus far.

Granted, launch wasn’t what they probably had hoped for. However, taking into account the condition of the world as of late, you’d assume the number will only rise as supply does so. For comparison, the PS4 sold 33k during week 12 on the market in Japan. So, in contrast to that lowly number, PS5 seemingly has much stronger legs and higher demand.

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