While it might have taken Sucker Punch Productions almost 7 years to complete the mega-hit that is Ghost of Tsushima, it was certainly worth every moment of it.

It was the fastest-selling new IP in the history of all the various PlayStation Studios. It has sold 6.5 MILLION copies since release. It is now being turned into a major motion picture that’s being directed by Chad Stahelski of ‘John Wick’ fame.

Us Westerners love us some Fuedal Japan and anything associated with it. It shouldn’t come as a shock that Yakuza fans have been begging for the Samurai spinoffs, Yakuza Ishin and Yakuza Kenzan for years. You would think by now that Sega would be down for more sales considering how the series blossomed on the PS4 last gen.

Good news! We might be in luck! How? Thanks to the overwhelming success of Ghost of Tsushima! RGG Studio’s Daisuke Sato was asked by GameBlog about the potential of the games coming West in an interview:

Gameblog: Ghost of Tsushima has shown that Western players are interested in games taking place in Medieval Japan. Do you regret not releasing Kenzan and Ishin in the West? Has your stance regarding those games changed since Ghost of Tsushima’s release?
Sato: Even long before Ghost of Tsushima, I did want to release “samurai” games like Kenzan and Ishin in the West. Unfortunately, after Yakuza 0, we were very busy with remastering the numbering Yakuza titles for the PS4, so we missed the opportunity to work on some of these other games. However, if anything, Ghost of Tsushima has helped Western gamers become more interested in samurai, so I should think of it as now is a more opportune time to release these titles.

Now all we can do is hope that Sega decides to grant our wishes. Sato already talked earlier this year about how both games might need Kiwami-fied style remasters early this year in a separate interview.

I did have a rather successful tweet regarding both Yakuza Ishin and Yakuza Kenzan. If you wouldn’t mind a like and a retweet it could make all the difference in the series arriving in the West! You gotta’ believe, Brah!