Keiichiro Toyama, director behind beloved titles such as Silent Hill and Gravity Rush, has revealed he’s collaborating with a ‘famous creator’ in Japan.

Since his split with Sony JapanStudio, Toyama took a number of his staff and branched off to create Bokeh Studio. A name, independent game studio, based out of Japan. While we do know his next project will return to his horror roots, not much else is known. Aside from genre and the game will target a 2023 release for multiple platforms. Yet, in a recent interview with Al Hub, Toyama provided fans with a juicy nugget for the time being.

We’re obviously still at an early period, so there’s not a lot we can actually say, but we are looking to create an experience that can be enjoyed widely by a range of people. So, for example, we intend for our game to have a setting in Asian cities.

One thing we can say is that, we are working hard right now to collaborate with a famous creator in Japan, and that’s something we haven’t been open about before.

Speculation as to Who Keiichiro Toyama is Collaborating With

Obviously, there isn’t too much to gleam from here. However, we now know the Bokeh’s first game will have a setting focused on Asian cities. So, we probably won’t see something so unconventional like a Jirga Para Lhao. Naturally, the last quote will draw the most attention. Yet, trying to even speculate who Toyama could be referring to, seems like quite the tall task. Now, when you hear the words, ‘famous creator’ in Japan, some names immediately jump to mind. Hideo Kojima, Shinji Mikami for example.

But, here’s a wildcard that makes complete sense, at least in my mind.

Keiichiro Toyama

What about Ikumi Nakamura? I don’t believe a collaboration with the two names I listed as examples would make sense, unless Bokeh is working as a support studio. However, Ikumi Nakamura is a freelance artist as of now, with some of her most recent work involving lead art design for The Evil Within series. Since, she does freelance work now and Bokeh is still in the hiring process. Couple this, with her specialty following much in line with the kind of game Toyama and Bokeh wants to make and the match makes sense.

Now, the question is: do we consider Ikumi Nakamura as a famous creator in Japan? I certainly do and I’m sure many others would too. But, perhaps Japan feels differently than we do in the west? Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see this project come together in the coming years. Especially, with his own team, free from the direction of games Sony wanted him to make.

Source – VGC