We can never get enough good news! Sure, bad news tends to sell more and get more views and reactions and good news just barely gets mentioned. Last week I shared some positive good news thanks to Ghost of Tsushima. This week, my favorite game series, Borderlands, is keeping the good news going! The Borderlands community raised over $65,000 for St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital (during a freaking pandemic)!

Every once in a while, the Borderlands community participates in a fan event known as The Hunt. The goal is to get all the Unique Borderlands 3 items in the in the fastest time. That’s fun and all but the main takeaway is that participation in this is to raise money for St. Jude Play Live, which is the video game charity platform supporting Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Popular Borderlands streamers Ki11er Six (brief interview with the legend himself below) and JoltzDude helped run and organize this years Hunt. Gearbox and 2K even got in on the action by providing killer prizes.

Streamers streamed. Non-streamers even played for the fun of it! Streamers, viewers, and gamers donated. MentalMars, who makes great Borderlands guides, also sold merchandise for the Hunt 2021 with 100% of the proceeds going to St. Jude.

LazyData ended up winning the competition but the truth is the kids won! This was for the kids! And the Borderlands community won as well. The Borderlands community is amazing! There are some toxic fan bases and all fan bases have a few bad apples but I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Borderlands community as well as the gaming community.

The gaming industry and gamers occasionally get a bad rep (sometimes deservedly so) but in other times it can do great and powerful things. We should always look for the good things and celebrate them when we can.

Below is the Hunt 2021 Highlights video made by Triple G, the official content creator for Borderlands 3. Check it out and be sure to check out all the other people (with links provided throughout this article) who helped make this a reality.

Now I’m honored to be able to ask my personal favorite Borderlands streamer, Ki11er Six, a few questions about The Hunt 2021, the Borderlands community, his content, and PlayStation controllers.

Ki11er Six Interview

How did you get involved with helping this year’s Hunt?

K6: Me and Joltzdude139 realized that pretty much everyone involved in organizing previous Hunts had moved on to other games and seemed to have no interest in setting up the event. So we took up the reigns.

Why choose St. Jude as the charity?

K6: Previous Hunt events had also benefited St. Jude and it’s a fantastic organization. 

What makes the Borderlands community so great, fun, and welcoming?

K6: It’s the community at large that makes it so good. Borderlands players are so diverse. Men, women, white, black and everything in-between. But we all share a passion for looting and shooting and helping one another. Coming together on something like this is a no-brained for this community.

What did you enjoy most about the Hunt 2021?

K6: Well, obviously the fundraising for the kids of St. Jude is always a highlight, but also the thrill of the Hunt is just something that appeals to me. With each enemy you slay you hope to get that drop. And you’re battling the clock, luck and other players. But it’s the friendliest of competitions. Everyone cheers each other on. It’s truly an awesome week 

How did you get into Borderlands?

K6: I was a hardcore Call of Duty player. Top 300 in the world on Modern Warfare 3 and I was also a big fan of a Dreamcast and later GameCube game: Phantasy Star Online. That was actually my first online game experience. I bought a dial up modem for my Dreamcast and played PSO with people all over the world. And that game is very similar in a lot of ways to Borderlands. So one day I saw a television commercial for Borderlands 2, where they talked about all the guns the game had. I looked up info online about it and saw that it had a loot system similar to PSO and gunplay like Call of Duty and I went out and got the game at midnight on launch night. That first night I played with a Buddy and we found some cool loot and I accidentally punched him and his car off a cliff and I was hooked.

Tell us a little about yourself and your content.

K6: I stream weekdays from 9am to 1pm eastern on Twitch.tv/ki11ersix and then post highlights, Top 10’s, item guides and news and info videos on my YouTube channel: YouTube.com/ki11ersix 

Any other last comments?

K6: Thanks for the interview. I’m proud to say we raised more during a global pandemic than we did in the previous Hunt in 2019. This community always steps up and helps those less fortunate and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Borderlands community.

One last thing. If my thinking is correct, you play on PC but use a PlayStation controller. Is that correct? If so, can you talk about that a bit since I do write for a PlayStation fan site?

K6: Yeah, I use a PS4 Scuf Impact controller on PC. Even though I can play with mouse and keyboard I prefer the simplicity of gaming with a controller. The PlayStation controller has always felt superior to me since it more proportionate and fits better in my hands more comfortably. Scuf controllers are awesome because you can have more customization with buttons, like for example you triggers have increased sensitivity so I can shoot quicker. I also have 4 custom paddles on the back of the controller which allow me to jump, slide, swap weapons and pick up items without ever taking my thumb off the thumb sticks.

Thanks K6!

I just want to give K6 a huge shoutout for participating in this article. I’ve never been big on watching streamers but I discovered K6 during Borderlands 3 promotions before the game came out. I started watching him and I was hooked. The dude has great content and he’s hilarious. But on top of that, he’s a real and genuine dude. He’s as nice as they come! Please give him a follow!