According to Jeff Grubb, we may finally get ourselves an update on Elden Ring. And, you know what? This update may come to us sooner than expected.

The latest from legendary developer, FromSoftware, has practically vanished since its 2019 reveal. Elden Ring, the collaboration between From and author, George R.R Martin, hasn’t received anything resembling an update since that reveal. Yet, that could all change very soon.

On the most recent episode of GamesBeat Decides, Jeff Grubb spoke at length about the title. Biggest take away, Jeff feels more strongly about seeing Elden Ring before Starfield. A belief, he feels confident in, thanks to a number of sources.

Elden Ring Update

Elden Ring Update on the Horizon?

Here’s what Jeff had to say,

It was a combination of sources, that gave me some confidence that Elden Ring would be by the end of March.

He continues, saying that ‘nothing has changed there’ further lending credence the update could still be on track for March.

But, it was never cemented. It was never, oh this is definitely going to happen, here’s an exact date. I’ve said this repeatedly […] I’ve never had an exact date, I’ve had reasons to be confident. That’s kind of how I try to phrase it and I know that it leaves gaps and people sort of fill those gaps and they think there is more behind that.

He reiterates again, this isn’t cemented but, ‘he knows enough to be confident.’

but, if it were to slip into April, I would apologize if that’s the case because I know people are excited […] but I will continue to say, you are not going to have to wait long.

Another funny tidbit that will surely calm the, ‘Elden Ring is just a fabrication of our imagination,’ memes, Mike and Jeff assure fans, the game is, indeed a thing. So, for those who felt From’s silence on the title meant something was happening behind the scenes, it appears that isn’t the case.

Lastly, Mike shares his two cents on the matter. He states, ‘I feel there’s absolutely no way we get past E3 without seeing this.’ To this, Jeff Grubb responds with, ‘I’m 100% with you on that.’

Obviously, take these things with a grain of salt. As both Jeff and Mike explicitly said, it’s the game’s industry, which means nothing is ever concrete. Especially, amidst a pandemic, you’d have to imagine plans are always subject to change.

Nonetheless, I think we can find solace in both Jeff and Mike’s track record. For that reason, I think this warrants some credence, rather than complete skepticism. Fingers crossed, by March, we no longer have to ask ourselves, ‘Where’s Elden Ring?’

Source- GamesBeat Decides