Ladies and gentlemen, the day has finally come. Our friends over at Capcom, have taken notice of our words and praise for the great Lady Dimitrescu and have bestowed to us some vital information.

The recent Resident Evil showcase in January, which provided fans with tons of new tidbits of story and gameplay, came and went. Aside from the new information we learned, fans were, shall we say, distracted by something else entirely. This isn’t to say the gameplay reveal for Village, underwhelmed in anyway. Quite the contrary, actually. For it looks like, an evolution of series rebirth from Resident Evil VII.

Lady Dimitrescu’s Height Finally Revealed

But, what truly garnered the attention of fans across the world, was a certain vampire lady. A very big one at that.

Lady Dimitrescu Height

Since her reveal in June 2020, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters caught the eyes of many. But, it wasn’t until the January showcase where she gained infamy across the gaming landscape. Attention, mind you, garnered specifically for her, rather, tall and voluptuous stature.

Turns out, Capcom heard the pleas of it’s fans. And in turn, has revealed that Lady Dimitrescu stands at a whopping 9’6″.

Makes sense, right? Footage has shown her a few times, ducking under doorframes just to pass through. Meaning, the assumption amongst fans, was that her stature was nothing to laugh at, mirroring something along the lines of a Nemesis or Mr. X.

In all seriousness, it’s telling just how much attention the Lady and her daughters have received. So much so, that Capcom publicly addressed it.

It’s moments like these that make you remember, just how much you love the gaming community. Who would’ve thought last year, that Lady Dimitrescu’s height could bring us all together.

[Source- Capcom, Resident Evil Twitter]