As we enter a new year, so as we must embrace any and all PlayStation VR patents that may emerge and it looks like this one could be a lot of fun if you have others around you. The new patent that was filed on October 13, 2020, but released on January 28, 2021,, shows how non-VR players would get to interact in a way that could help or not help, depending on what the game or experience is. But looking at the diagram shows the non-VR players sitting in front of a camera while the VR player is playing with a pop up that shows “Spectators are voting” and “Spectators have given you a soup ladle” Now, having non-VR players interact with VR players is not new as they have been able to use their mobile devices in games such as Covert and using the companion app to help the player or not, again, depending on who you ask for help. But looking at the patent, having everyone use a mobile device can be a good thing as everyone has one, but I am more interested in the different ways the camera comes into play with the non-VR players other than having choices on the TV rather than just on their devices. It really gets you excited about what possibly could be coming to the next generation of PlayStation VR. I still want to see the patent that was announced in 2019 to be part of it.