Now THIS is the way to start your day! New Demon’s Souls media to get you hyped for all that SoulsBorne goodness that only the PS5 will provide on November 12th!

Today we’ve been graced with all kinds of Demon’s Souls goodness. Six minutes of new gameplay footage that is looking BRAHnomenal! Don’t believe me?? Watch it below, unless you want to stay free of any spoilers, that is.

How about some high quality direct-feed screenshots for you, Brah?

If you want additional details of what has changed between the PS3 and PS5 versions, our boy Nibellion has you pretty much covered!

Also, if you’re worried about FromSoftware not being involved, this Remake has the blessing of Miyazaki!!!

Demon’s Souls will challenge your gaming skills once again but it looks to be the must-have PS5 game at launch.