Days Gone Update 1.70 hits as a slew of PS4 games have been receiving minor patches the past two few weeks getting ready for the PS5, many of which also happen to be part of the upcoming PlayStation Plus Collection that PS+ members will gain instant access to on November 12th/19th at no additional cost.

One of those 20 games is Bend Studio’s Days Gone, which today received a 23 to 36GB update, depending on your region. While the details are vague, we have heard reports of drastically reduced load times on the PS4 Pro version of the game.

Days Gone Update 1.70 notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Shader optimization includes performance improvements for texture loading and streaming
  • General streaming improvements
  • Fixes for low-resolution textures in various cinematics
  • Photomode bug fixes
  • Fixes for scoring bugs in Challenge Mode
  • Fixes for various bugs occurring during Missions
  • Fixed issue where the player could become stuck invulnerable
  • Fixed issue where the controller would remain rumbling

That’s directly from the update history on the PS4. Don’t believe the fluff added by bogus websites, Brah! If you have yet to play Days Gone, we highly recommend playing it if you can find the time on your PS5!