After months of vague statements, Sony finally broke their silence on the PS4 on PS5 backwards compatibility, giving potential buyers much needed information on their PS4 collections.

Interesting enough, not every PS4 game is going to work on the PS5 for whatever reason. You can read the full list here. One of those games is DWVR by developer Mad Triangles. Some PSVR fans noticed this on Reddit, which prompted a dev from Mad Triangles to chime in on the issue!

Dwvr dev here. Im working on a patch to fix the issue, hopefully it can arrive before PS5 releases.

When asked by some fans of the game exactly why the game didn’t work, it seems they’re still trying to figure it out themselves!

Cant really go into much detail. The game just doesnt launch on ps5 for some odd reason. Quite weird given im using Unreal Engine like so many other games that do work fine.

Not only are they working on removing the game from the list, they’re also exploring the option of improving DWVR’s performance thanks to the PS5’s boost mode.

Glad you like it!. I will also see if the game can be improved for that PS5 boost mode, but need to experiment a lot first.

To our knowledge, this is the first developer that has publicly spoken about getting their PS4 game off that list and working on the PS5. Stay tuned to the PlayStation Brahs for more news on this subject!