This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake considering Square Enix already confirmed that the game will ship on 2 disc when it launches on April 10th.

So does the 100GB (remember, this size could go higher depending on Day One patches!) game install size really surprise anyone? Go back and gaze upon previous post. Almost 30 beautiful screenshots. The breathtaking opening cinematic. The theme song trailer. Square Enix is KNOWN for setting the bar visually in JRPGs. Hell, they take pride in it! How could this game NOT be 100GB?!?

She’s finna be THICC on your HDD!

This Korean version of the Final Fantasy VII Remake cover art proves the THICCness! All I can say is you still have plenty of time to decide which 2 or 3 games you’ll need to delete before the FFVIIR consumes our lives on April 10th.