Not all games can be turned into a movie but there are those out there that would rock as either a live action or animated movie. I’ve thought about the older games before and even made a list. 5 Old ass games that need a movie. Now I turn my attention to some newly released games and ponder over just how fantastic they would look up on the big screen. Who would star in these movies though? That is the question I love to try and answer. Granted some might be a reach but hey, an imagination can carry you a long way.

Generation Zero

A game about a young group of friends that come back to their hometown to find it infested with hostile machines. Who wouldn’t want a movie about that? With guerilla warfare tactics I could see this being along the lines of Red Dawn with perhaps the machines even capturing people and keeping them in camps. It could be dark and gritty with plenty of emotional scenes. Who could pull off such a group of rough characters though?

Sophia Turner – Young Woman #1

She is a bad ass on screen and off even if you don’t want to admit it. She can hold a scene on her own and even give a stellar emotional speech if needed. Hands down must be in this movie.

John Boyega – Young Man #1

Oh yeah I have to have my dude Boyega in this movie. Who else is going to run around and scream in critical situations? This guy has you covered and if you haven’t seen him in Attack the Block then you don’t know how he can command respect. Respect! His toughness and acting chops would bring him to the forefront.

Maya Hawke – Young Woman #2

Maya, Maya, Maya. I loved her bold character in Stranger Things and I absolutely adore her as an actress. I think a role here would shine the light on just how awesome she could be on the big screen. Give her a big ass gun and get out of the way.

Aaron Taylor – Johnson – Young Man #2

With a knack for not only playing in kick ass movies, he can bring humor to the setting as well. Seeing him in films such as Savages and Godzilla, Aaron definitely has the action scenes down. It would round out this group in perfect little bow in my opinion and now I would like to see these four together on screen in any movie.


The game was about a young teen and his discovery of video games, arcade games to be exact. I imagine this as if Blade Runner 2 mashed together with The Wizard and had a baby. You would take the main character in a cyberpunk world and have him discover an underground gaming community. The catch though is he isn’t sure what is real and what isn’t. His world collides with their world but the saving grace for him is that he is a born natural at gaming. With this style of movie there could be all kinds of plot twists to keep the audience on edge. I picture a coming of age story with heart.

Noah Schnapp – The Kid

The kid that plays Will Byers in Stranger Things could be the most underrated actor on that show. His depth of emotions is fantastic and I see great things on the horizon for him. What better role is suited for the kid coming up and getting ready for a break out role? Noah is young and I think with his experience already in a dark and mysterious world would suite him well. Add a well-rounded supporting cast around this kid and watch him shine.


Adventure to the land of Teer Fradee with a star studded cast. Not only could this be epic but this could be one of those that produces sequels. Follow De Sardet as he tries to find a cure for the disease that is killing his people. In this story it could touch on more about the war that is waging between people on Teer Fradee. I would love to see this world come to life in live action or even an animated movie. It would take a talented director to fill in the lore behind the natives and something that could be expanded on quite a bit. The scale would be incredible though as the actors would have to train well in combat unless the movie would go more of the political story route. Either way I would be at the theater day one.

Richard Madden – De Sardet

A great presence on screen in a commanding role already as Rob Stark, Richard Madden would be the right fit for De Sardet. While the created character in my adventure fit Richard I still think he would lead well in this role of someone who needs to keep his group together and unified. Maybe his political prowess could use some work.

Tom Hardy – Kurt

Kurt is tough, fierce and kind of an asshole at times. This could be a role where Hardy would shine as the second to De Sardet just as he did with Leo in The Revenant. If you’ve played the game then you know the rough around the edges I am talking about and Tom fits that bill.

Josh Hartnett – Vasco

This one might be a hard one to sell but I’ve always loved this guy’s acting chops. Vasco doesn’t stand out as much as Kurt even though he can show his temperament side at times. Hartnett could pull from his Penny Dreadful days or even 30 Days of Night to get through some of the darker scenes.

Gary Oldman – Petrus

Who better to play the character that I liked the least in the game. Oldman is actually one of my favorite actors and could pull off the subtle charming wit of Petrus. I could see this being more of an advisor role in the movie and we all know Oldman can portray a wise man.

Tom Felton – Constantin

I couldn’t imagine the role of Constantin taking up a large amount of screen time. Even though he is in the leader ship role you wouldn’t have to involve him a ton in the plot. Felton could be the worrisome cousin and he should be able to pull off the look as well.

Zazie Beetz – Aphra

Who didn’t like Aphra in the game? Ready for a fight if need be but eager to use her intelligence as well. After seeing Zazie in Deadpool 2 I knew she would be ready for the more kick ass roles. What is better than using her wits on a scientific expedition all while defending her group?

Natalie Dormer – Siora

I will admit right here right now that Siora was my love interest in the game. Therefore I get to choose Dormer and she has the emotional range to steal a scene. Plus she is amazing and Siora was an amazing character. Did I tell you just how amazing she was? Hey a guy can dream.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

This is the one that I think might get me in a little bit of trouble. I know what Hellblade is and I know what Senua means to the fans of the game. I also know there is a sequel coming so why would I pick this one? Well, I would absolutely love to see this on the big screen as either a prequel or something that ventures further with Senua. Clearly I am not the only one that feels like there is more to her story. You wouldn’t have to change things that much. It could still have the same story behind it and in my opinion it would still be just as great. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing her battle those giant monsters on the big screen for a couple of hours.

Aubrey Plaza – Senua

I feel this again is going to get me in trouble but hear me out. Not only does this actress possess great acting skills but she can turn on the crazy charm in a hurry. After watching her for years on Parks and Recreation I was always amazed by how different she could act in certain situations. If you think she can’t pull of some of the crazy scenes then go watch Life after Beth. Some might think that she won’t be able to hold down a movie on her own but I would disagree. Give me that evil smile, put her in Senua’s shoes and stand back as she gives the performance of her career.

Children of Morta

Can we get the Bergson family on the big screen? Again we could have a live action movie or animated it wouldn’t really matter. Follow the family as they fight against the darkness together and protect Mount Morta. This one would need an even bigger star studded cast. It would also take a variety of actors and actresses to fill the roles in this one. Keeping the story about the family and its struggles with the darkness around them should be the way to go. I don’t think an action packed movie is needed but it would certainly have to have those moments. How you use each character in the movie would be key. It has to be a family effort so finding screen time for them all would be difficult. Perhaps it could be about the younger Bergson’s stepping up and filling in for the father John while he focuses on protecting his wife and the elder Bergson’s. When I said this would have to be a big star studded cast I wasn’t joking.

Christian Bale – John

John the steadfast father would need someone a little seasoned in the acting game. I couldn’t think of anyone else other than Bale. He could pull of the aging fighter and the father figure. If you want your John rugged then this is who we need to lead the Bergson family.

Natalie Portman – Mary

The wife and mother in the game Mary is the nurturer. While being one of the head figures of the family Mary doesn’t need to worry about combating any enemies in her pregnant state. She will however need to capture that nurturing mother side and I think Natalie would be a pleasant surprise.

Maisie Williams – Linda

A character in the game that doesn’t need anyone to save her and is actually one of the best at combat. Maisie would not only be one of the main characters when it comes to fighting but could be THE main character. Some might be cautious but I say throw caution to the wind and let her pick up a bow and defend Mount Morta in grand fashion.

Aidan Gallagher – Kevin

The first time I witnessed the brilliant acting of this kid was on Umbrella Academy. Seriously he almost holds the show together on his own. I could see him playing this role of Kevin who wants nothing more than to help his family fight against the darkness. Pair him up with Maisie Williams and watch the two fight for an Oscar.

Ezra Miller – Mark

Mark was kind of the odd one out in Children of Morta. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but his character always felt quirky. Perhaps it was just me but Ezra Miller could conjure up some of that just to keep some moments light hearted. As I see the movie with more of a serious tone you still need that one person to reassure the group that things will be alright.

McKenna Grace – Lucy

Lucy the little spitfire sister! She was actually pretty awesome in the game even for a little one. McKenna would bring the cuteness to the role but she would also carry the ‘I want to help the family fight’ attitude.

Nicholas Hoult – Joey

We need a dashing young man that can fill the shows of a larger person. Hoult doesn’t just act, no he becomes the role and that is why he should be here with the Bergson family. I envision him being the bigger brother and protecting his siblings.

Jeff Bridges – Uncle Ben

Oh Uncle Ben you wily old guy. I originally thought of Michael Caine just because I thought someone who could teach and guide the kids would work. However, Bridges in my opinion can do both and act out as the silly Uncle at times. His role could be more heartfelt and we know that Bridges can pull off the emotional side as well.

Judi Dench – Grandma Margaret

This wise and wonderful Grandma would need someone to help push the family in the right direction but also go it alone. Dench doesn’t need a slew of others around her to pull off a scene and that’s why she would be awesome to see in this role.


So what do you think of these games becoming a movie? Perhaps we can’t always see it right away but let your imagination run wild with this one. Who would you want to see in these roles? Let us know!