While we all sit back and wait for the horn of PlayStation to ring loud to announce all that is PS5, I have been thinking about the awesome possibilities with the adaptive triggers that were announced in the coming DualSense controller. When we heard of the mechanical aspects of PS5 last year, adaptive triggers is something that has excited me tremendously. So sit back, relax, and join me as we venture into the era of adaptive triggers.

I play a lot of FPS games and the first thing I was thinking about, in regards to adaptive triggers, is that when you pull the trigger of various types of guns and weaponry. Imagine being able to feel a difference in the weapons you equip with the DualSense. A hair trigger would feel just as that. The draw and release of a bow. Those are the obvious changes for sure, but now I want you to step outside the box. What about when you are climbing in Uncharted titles and you can feel you lose your grip? With adaptive triggers, you would be able to feel the digital representation of weight.

Godfall is coming launch day to PlayStation 5 and is said to be using the adaptive triggers often. Imagine feeling the impact of locked swords in the trigger when your strike? What if you hit armor and you feel the resistance of impact? You could be in a battle, chipping away at the enemies armor and you feel the blade cut through the armor because the triggers instantly become less resistant! Heck, zipping through the city of NY as Spider-Man and being able to feel the tension in the line when it connects to buildings!

Hear me out here. This could be a game changer just as thumb sticks and rumble were. So many opportunities to further create engaging and immersive content. What would you like to see from games using adaptive triggers next gen?