Back in 2016, I was writing about some PlayStation VR and sharing it on Twitter. It was an outlet for me to just share my love for gaming, in which the focus was really on PlayStation and of course PlayStation VR. It wasn’t until one faithful day that out of nowhere, I was asked to start writing for a site. I was hesitant in the beginning because I didn’t write in a typical gaming fashion per se or by really any guidelines. I was told that it didn’t matter, that it was my passion for PlayStation VR that showed and that was most important. Still hesitant, I did think long and hard about it and I finally agreed with the understanding that I had to write my way and that it had to be just me when it came to PlayStation VR. To this person, I am sure they thought different things, but they finally agreed. Somehow they knew and that person, as you may know, is Thomas aka The PlayStation Brah and the site and for that, I will be forever grateful. From the moment I was able to start writing, there was something that was unleashed that I couldn’t really put my finger on it. Back in 2017, I started to write for that site that we all know now, love, and respect as and have always been proud to be part of this team and what it continues to stand for and The PlayStation Brah will tell you, that I have nothing but the best interest when it comes to the site and the team and that will never stop.

But as time went on and as PlayStation VR continued and still continues to grow, so has my passion for VR. This passion has a much deeper *void* that no matter how hard I try, I just cannot fill it. There have been times that I mentioned to Thomas about maybe the site should add some additional features, but realized, I couldn’t really ask him to change his passion and overall a site modification of sorts for mine as it would not be fair. So with that said, I am not going anywhere and will still continue to cover all of the PlayStation VR news, reviews, and interviews on and some. But this does bring me to the project that I have been talking about recently. A project that is still growing, but I feel it now has a foundation that I can share it. A project that allows me to do what I do with and bridge that to expand it into a greater dimension. A place for positivity and for all to be part of those that play the games to those of the creators to the dreamers. A place where ideas can be shared, where news, reviews, and interviews can be read to upcoming releases, projects, and events all can be shared. 

Remember to never stop Dreaming, never stop Believing, and never stop Creating!

I present to you….