What a round of news it has been with the recent info on the PlayStation 5 and the not too recent patents, it seems that Sony is always looking ahead and that is great news for everyone.

But as we look forward to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2, what if there is more than meets the eye of what Sony is working on? A recent Japanese patent seems to show that what looks to be a wireless PlayStation AR headset. This is interesting on a couple of different points when you think about it. Sony already filed a patent for a wireless device and with this being wireless, could all this talk about a wireless headset actually be for AR?

If this is in fact going to be a consumer AR device, that along with this patent of being able to connect via devices on the wrists, which could make this AR even more interactive.

But with patents comes experiments and right now in Tokyo, Japan, you can can try out an experience that will allow you to be a rookie Ghostbuster and if you notice in the trailer below, there is something that goes on the wrist that will interact with the AR glasses. It really all makes sense now. I do hope this becomes a consumer product and just think how much fun social outings could actually be.