For all the credit that PlayStation receives for marketing their Exclusives this gen, they still let some of their titles slip through the cracks.

Sony did a crappy job with advertising Gravity Rush 2, barely taking the time to promote the game. It’s looking like the same is happening with Concrete Genie by Pixelopus. The most recent State of Play presentation did a great job shining light of Sony’s upcoming titles yet completely glossed over CG, which releases NEXT Tuesday. MediEvil Remake demo! PS4 Pro reveal for Death Stranding! Both games that release at the end of this month/early November. CG arrives next week. Come on, Brah!

Thankfully PlayStation Japan can appreciate some greatness, dropping a 3 minute overview video of Concrete Genie, showing off the beautiful look of the game and detailing Japanese. So while most of can’t understand what is being said, you can totally read our hands-on article E3 2018 to know what’s really going on!

Concrete Genie, along with the single-player mode and TWO VR modes, brings out your inner artist on October 8th!