Geoff Keighley had the Twitterverse going crazy last week when he confirmed that The Last of Us Part II was finally emerging from its bunker on September 24th, as the Major gaming media sites started to receive invites to a major event showcasing the game in Calfifornia on such date.

Now Gaming Industry Analyst ZhugeEX is claiming that the media will be presented with 3 hours of content, which also includes the chance to PLAY the game!

Brah. That rumored February 2020 release date is looking MORE and MORE like a reality!!

But what there’s more! Live in Spain? Do you really want to see more of The Last of Us Part II? Then get your ass over to Madrid Games Week 2019 beginning on October 3rd because Sony has CONFIRMED TLoU2 will be there along with several over Sony games including MediEvil, Dreams, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and Iron Man VR.

There’s only one stipulation: TLoU2 will be a closed presentation, so if you plan on attending, we highly recommend heading to it first or you might miss out!

If you somehow have yet to watch the E3 2018 gameplay video of The Last of Us Part II, here it is! Watch it! Be happy! We shall soon be graced with Naughty Dog Greatness!