We can’t lie: Our biggest article for August 2019 was none other than the news regarding Peter Dalton’s comments on a potential of a The Legend of Dragoon Remaster.

You read that right. An article about a PS1 JRPG that hasn’t received a new entry in 19 years! There’s a group of Gamers who want more LoD in their life!

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony WWS, knows this. You see, Shuhei was the Executive Producer on the original Legend of Dragoon and admits in a interview with Gamerbraves.com that he is asked quite often about a potential Remaster of the JRPG he once worked on. He knows, saying he would be interested in an a Remaster of something that he was so heavily involved with.

There’s only one issue. He also admitted that he has heard nothing of a Legend of Dragon Remaster/Remake project going on.

You might have heard about rumours regarding a Legend of Dragoon remake. It isn’t in the works now from what we know, and Yoshida himself hasn’t heard of it. It segues into Yoshida talking about how hard making remakes and remasters can be. While a remaster can be as simple as graphical improvements and button assignments, remakes are of course, a whole different beast, as we can see with Final Fantasy VII Remake. “We could do a quick remaster, but people can see it (if it’s a quick job), and everyone will be disappointed.” The Legend of Dragoon was previously on four discs as well, so it would be a fairly difficult task.

Is the dream dead? Possibly! Is there a faint sliver of hope? There could be. Of course Shuhei isn’t going to drop news regarding a bombshell announcement of a Legend of Dragoon Remaster/Remake in any random article. This would be something Sony would at least tweet about on Twitter, given the way they’ve been announcing things these days.

What do you think, Brah? Should we continue to create online petitions for fans to sign online or should we retire our Dart cosplay outfits and move to series such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts? Let us know in the comments below.


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