Don’t lie. We live on social media. I’ve seen how all of my fellow Final Fantasy fans have freaked out over the official Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer. Why? Because it looked damn good.

This newest footage shown during a presentation is damn good too. Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa all in battle against Aps. Then Ifrit shows up to have some fun. Brah. Watch this footage. Here’s your napkin to clean all that drool off your face.

This next video shows off another mode for Gamers to enjoy: classic mode/wait mode gives you the chance to really slow things down for those of you who might not be enjoying this new action-RPG gameplay of the Remake can still get their kicks.

March 3rd, 2020! AVALANCHE needs you, Brah! Hope you’ll answer their call to save the planet!