Some of y’all know him as the First Avenger. Others, as America’s ass. The more hardcore will remember when he ran around as The Nomad waaaaay back in the day. I’m talking about Steve Rogers AKA CAPTAIN FREAGIN’ AMERICA!!!

These two new trailers focus on our favorite star-spangled hero, with the first giving us all the information you’ll ever need for Captain America. Ok, not ALL the information you will ever need but a good close-up of Steve’s outfit, plus some new footage of Cap’n ‘Murica KICKING SOME ASS!

The newest trailer is all about an alternate suit for Mr. Rogers based on his outfit from the Secret Empire storyline from the Marvel Comics event from a couple years ago.

If this isn’t enough Marvel’s Avengers greatness for you then perhaps more off-screen footage from Gamescom is what you need? Or maybe you missed the official reveal of the much improved A-Day footage?! Watch them booth, True Believers!

Don’t PS4 owners gain early access to the Beta once it’s unleashed upon the PlayStation Nation. Marvel’s Avengers saves your day on May 15th, 2020.