Do you live in the United States? Are you part of the Resident Evil Ambassador program? They you might be able to play that NEW game from Capcom’s Division 1 studio this September!!

You might remember that we recently reported that Capcom Japan was inviting RE Ambassadors to play whatever this new game is from their biggest dev team. Now some of us Americans get to do the same. RE Ambassadors are beginning to receive the following invite below to play this new game on September 20th or 21st in Los Angeles or on September 23rd or 24th in New York.

With Gamescom 2019 right around the corner starting on August 19th, there’s a bloody good chance whatever this next game is from Capcom could soon be revealed! Get excited, Brah!

What game do YOU want it to be? Resident Evil 8? Resident Evil 3 Remake?? Another Outbreak game?!? We shall known soon enough and we can’t freagin’ wait!

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