DayZ released patch 1.04 upate onto PS4, PC, and Xbox One today. Bohemia Interactive kept their promise to keep the game updated and add new features and the biggest one being private servers. You can now rent a server on Nitrado and unfortunately for me all my money is tied up in another provider. With the new update comes a server wipe as well.

You heard that correctly. All of your previous progress is now dust in the wind. It isn’t that big of an issue seeing how death is about as common as dust on my old recording equipment. Still some more skilled players might be a tad frustrated having to start over from scratch.

Patch features:

  • New Weapons, grenades and throwing mechanic
  • Improved medical gameplay
  • Fixed key issues such as duping, server hoping, frame-rate issues

I haven’t tested any of these new features out yet but you can count on me to try it out ASAP.

DayZ is currently available digitally for $49.99 and offers one heck of a survival experience. Check out our review of the game here DayZ review.

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