During E3 2019 we got a look at a game called Foregone by developer Big Blue Bubble. Not only does the developer have a great name but they also have a great looking game in the works for us. With next-gen pixel artwork, intense combat and challenging gameplay Foregone easily made our E3 2019: Our Indie Games Spotlight list. It doesn’t end there though, now we are intrigued, we are excited. Foregone made our list but it should absolutely be on your list of titles to keep an eye on.

Being a big fan of this type of game I decided to reach out to the developer and see if I could find out a little more about them and the game for us. With the help of Fran I was able to get a fantastic and informative Q & A from three Dev team members.

Dino Dvorabic – Game Designer

Damir Slogar – Lead Game Designer

Jordan Reif – Producer

The lead female super soldier known as an Arbiter is absolutely stunning!

*Inspired by games like Diablo & Dark Souls, can you tell us more about the difficulty level of Foregone and can we expect intense boss fights?

Dino: The goal is to be challenging but approachable. Each boss has a unique set of abilities with visual cues that the player will have to pay attention to. While a very skilled player could defeat a boss on the first attempt with great execution, each failure provides additional insight and hopefully makes the encounter easier on subsequent attempts.

*Does Foregone have Metroidvania gameplay or strictly side-scrolling exploration from level to level?

Dino: Backtracking and using power-ups to gain entry to previously inaccessible areas is not a progression requirement, however, players will have the option to return to a level and explore some new paths. New abilities will also be acquired throughout the game and mastery of them definitely helps traversal in later levels.

*The next-gen pixel artwork looks gorgeous in the trailer. Was it always the intention to go with this look in Foregone? If so, did it influence the story in anyway?

Jordan: The decision to go 3D hasn’t necessarily influenced the story as the major points of the story were decided on before we started work. But the decision to go 3D has allowed us a lot of liberty in how we display and tell the story. Events triggering animations and interactions is a bit faster and lower impact then having hundreds of unique sprites for each.

*Can you tell us more about the Arbiter and the inspiration behind the character?

Dino: She is part of a group of super soldiers who have been given the title of Arbiter. During the war, Arbiters were feared for their combat prowess, with one often being enough to secure a heavily-armed location. When the war ended, they were relegated to a law enforcement role. As for her design and appearance, we knew from the project outset that the protagonist would be female. The design took many meetings and iterations, with the team coming to an agreement on the character that is now synonymous with the Foregone logo.

*Is Foregone absolutely coming to console and what challenges have you faced as an Indie developer bringing the game to life?

Damir: PC is the only platform that allows us to have a robust early access so a lot of our focus at the moment is on PC. However, the key features and controls are done with the gamepad in mind and it is definitely launching on console. Like all cross-platform developers, the main challenges will be keeping the game performance up to par with PC. Luckily our team members have years of experience working on console games (going back to the original Game Boy days) and performance optimization is something we really excel at.

I would like to thank Dino, Damir, and Jordan for giving us some great insight on their game. We know that developers can get very busy when a game is in development so again, thank you.

I would also like to thank Fran for making all this possible. All the help is greatly appreciated.

Check out the developers website for the game here https://www.bigbluebubble.com/foregone/.

Haven’t seen the reveal trailer yet? What are you waiting on? Check it out now!