(Update!) We have included a new trailer that features almost 13 minutes of gameplay showing more Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and some Taskmaster boss fight gameplay!

(Original story) We here at The PlayStation Brahswere lucky enough to be able to attend a screening of Marvel’s Avengers during E3 2019 and walked away ready to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. As an Avengers fan, I was highly impressed by the gameplay footage I saw as the Avengers attempted to save the day.

Square Enix and Marvel Games decided not to show the rest of the gaming world this footage until later next month after Gamescom so that they can see it in a more polished state of performance.

During a Marvel’s Avengers panel at San Diego Comic-Con an eager fan decided to record half of what he saw, so we apologize that this the best footage in the world. Also of note it doesn’t show any footage of Captain America or Black Widow kicking ass and saving days. It does however look to be in a more polished state than what we saw last month.

So what do you think, fellow True Believers? Yay or nay? Marvel’s Avengers saves your day on May 15, 2020.