Ahead of today’s newest weekly challenge, Days Gone has received its smallest Update yet, coming in at 131MB.

This tiny update doesn’t appear to do much if we go by what the official patch notes detail for us.

Weekly Challenges

  • “Ambush Camp Rush” is our fourth free DLC challenge! Do your best to take down an enemy ambush camp as fast as possible.
  • Utilize stealth, traps, and your crossbow to maximize your score
  • Keep your combo going by looting items from the camp and corpses
  • Complete this challenge as fast as you can to achieve a gold sub-challenge ranking

General Fixes

  • Stability optimization

Could such a tiny update help with the frame rate issues that have plagued Days Gone in the late game? It’s doubtful. This is most likely a hotfix to correct any issues that hit with the release of Update 1.25 last week.

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