With the very first Days Gone bike challenge going live this week, so came with it the latest Update for Bend Studio’s open world Freaker Apocalypse.

Update 1.25 details. You can check out past Updates here.

Weekly DLC Challenges

  • “Drifter’s Run” is our first challenge involving our bike! Gather all the bandages in the harsh volcanic area of Crater Lake
  • Avoid burned down houses, Freakers, and the Horde to gather bandages as fast as you can and make it to the finish line!
  • Use ramps to score extra points and utilize your Nitrous Boost as much as can

A reminder that all the challenges we release are planned to stay unlocked indefinitely.

Progression Issues

  • Players should be able progress properly in “It’s A Rifle, Not a Gun”

General Fixes

General awareness of the NPCs have been adjusted for all modes

  • If you were killed right after burning down a nest, the nest should repopulate properly
  • Picking up a group of items near an ammo box will now also grab the ammo box
  • Adjustments to scoring on the DLC challenge “Drifter’s Run”
  • Correct number of bolts crafted is shown in the player’s menu
  • Fixed issues involving Survival Vision and enemy outlines during Survival Mode
  • The “Dead Don’t Ride” custom account should be appear in the Mechanic’s menu in this patch

Even if you’re done with the game, the FREE DLC updates have added some exciting challenges to Days Gone such as an never-ending battle against a massive Horde and more.

Here’s a look at this week’s bike challenge.