Its looking more and more like Sony has yet another SIE WWS hit on their hands. The Hordes have conquered the UK physical charts the past two weeks as it debuted with the highest UK physicals sales thus far in 2019.

It also debuted in Spain, Italy, and Australia at the top spot overall, which is mighty impressive for a brand new IP. You can now add another region to the list, as The Horde devoured Japan during its first 3 days of availability, moving an estimated 114,319 copies sold according to Famitsu. Amazingly these numbers outperform the first week sales of God of War AND Horizon Zero Dawn in Japan! Get it, Deacon!

While Days Gone has some mighty competition here in the US in the form of Mortal Kombat 11, there’s a distinct possibility that Bend Studio’s first new IP since Syphon Filter on the PS1 could be #1 overall in the April’s NPD results which go live on May 21st.

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