If you haven’t had a chance to jump into Space Junkies for the PlayStation VR, you are missing some of the fun that goes on there. The space battles of Free for All, King Mode, and Dual are a blast in VR and because cross play with Rift and Vive is there, that is more people enjoying and having a blast. But Space Junkies is not just something that was created as a one and done project. No, that is not Ubisoft’s style for them or for the fans.

As you can see from the road map, they have already started on their promise to make Space Junkies the best that they can for everyone. In the new update, the following has been added.

  • The Orbital Mine map – This new map has you in an abandoned mine crowded with rocks, pipes, and tunnels that will have you going vertical and running trying to find cover as the lava flows.
  • New set of customizations.
  • Final Cut – this new game mode gives players one weapon at a time. After each kill, you will climb that weapon ladder to get a new kill to progress the final Double Solar sword weapon.
  • A new character called The Quantic Calamarii.

And to help celebrate and through May 26th, Space Junkies is on sale for an amazing price. So don’t wait, the time is now!

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In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy…