With only 13 days until Days Gone releases exclusively on the PlayStation 4, review copies are being set to major gaming sites not named The PlayStation Brahs.

These outlets have been given the greenlight to reveal these press kits, including our friend Paul Hunter of Wal-Mart Canada.

He was giddy to show the kit to the PlayStation Nation while also revealing the embargo date for reviews will be on April 25th, 5:01AM PT/8:01AM ET!

Brah. If Paul doesn’t need that kit after he finishes the game, The Brah will gladly take it off his hands.

Playfront also let a few more details slip. The games file size is a whopping 67GB of game, which makes sense considering the game features 40 Hordes ranging from 50 to 500 Freakers. Plus the fact that main game is 30 hours long AND features six hours of cut-scenes.

Days Gone Day One Update 1.02 is rather small and fixes small bugs. As many times as the game has been delayed, the Day One update should be small and insignificant.

Still looking for the Collector’s Edition? Amazon and Best Buy have limited supply if you need all that PylayStation Swag and bonuses!

Chec out the Trophy List or If you missed it, here’s the official ad for Days Gone titled “One Bullet”. Will you join the battle to survive on April 26th?