Painting can be fun as you start to put brush to the canvas. Something as simple as the color yellow can make the sun shine bright and the color blue and make the sky seem as clear as it is when you are outside. But it’s when you start mixing the colors that different shades and tones to finally see your scene come alive. But does Developer Pixel Maniacs bring the fun that was first released back in 2017 into the world of Virtual Reality? Let’s find out with ChormaGun VR for the PlayStation VR.

When I first reviewed ChromaGun for the PlayStation 4, I mentioned this in my review, “I am happy to say that ChromaGun is, in fact, coming to PlayStation VR and it will have Aim Controller support. Adding this with the immersion of PlayStation VR will take ChromaGun to a whole new level and will be one of those games that you will be glad you that you get now and will have that extra bonus once it hits on PlayStation VR”. And I am happy to that even back in 2017, that I could see how much more immersive it would be in Virtual Reality and by adding the Aim controller and I am glad it lived up to my expectations.

For those that have not played ChromaGun, it is a first-person puzzle game that involves colors where you have been hired by Chromatec to test the latest weapon the ChromaGun by . Using the Aim controller (you can use the DualShock 4, but trust me, use the Aim controller), you will first be introduced to the ChromaGun that uses one primary color of Yellow. You will be introduced to the simple concept of trying to exit the room. Sounds extremely simple right? Well, it is except there may be worker droids that will be in your way. So you will either need to shoot panels on the wall and/or worker droids the same color in order to move them out of the way or into triggers that will attract them so that they can stay put so the door will unlock so you can exit the room.

I know what you might be thinking thus far. A ChromaGun that only shoots Yellow cannot be all that we have here, right? This is true, going through ChromaGun VR with just one color would not be as much fun as having multiple colors and it’s not until you are introduced into the upgraded tri-color ChromaGun that things start to pick up.

As you progress you start to see even different colors that you will need to combine to solve. Remember Yellow and Blue make Green, Blue and Red make Purple, Yellow and Red make Orange. Some worker droids can be more aggressive and when you shoot them, they will come for your blood.

Later levels will change things up a bit when there are elements such as electric tiles, having the lights go out so a flashlight has to be used and even (see I am not even going to spoil anything else as you shall embrace your puzzle like inner beast to experience for yourself).

Let’s talk about sound. The music you will either like and enjoy or you may find that you want to turn it down in the options. I felt the music along with the doors opening and closing had a sci-fi’sh tone to it that goes with the game. Hearing the ChromaGun fire sounds like an oversized bubble gun, but that is not a bad thing as again, it had a sci-fi tone to it. But I did fully enjoy the narration that goes along with the game. I just wish there was more the comedy of the narration throughout my playthrough.

When I first played ChromaGun on the PlayStation 4, it was pretty and I have always felt that something was missing. Maybe it was that I could envision even back in 2017 what it would be like to play ChromaGun in VR. And after playing ChromaGun VR on PlayStation VR, I can truly say that this is the version that you want to experience ChromaGun in. The immersion that Pixel Maniacs has brought along with the amount of work they have put in to bring the Aim controller into the mix really shows here. I will say this, that before getting too deep into the game, mess with the settings. Only you will be able to know if you can handle more of the click or smooth turning since everyone is different.

ChromaGun VR screenshot

Sometimes we have an idea and wonder what we can do to make that idea the best experience possible. Sometimes we may look at that idea and go back to it many times before it becomes the product we envisioned. Sometimes we look back at the finished product and think of how we could have made it better. ChromaGun VR shows us that when an idea becomes a reality and it’s looked back upon, how the experience of that idea can even be better than we first thought.

ChromaGun VR is out now. There is a bundle that includes both ChromaGun and ChromaGun VR out now as well. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Pixel Maniacs please visit their site and make sure you like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to go mix more colors.