These times are dark my friend. You could have been on the side of good, but you chose this dark path or was it the dark path that chose you? The death you see walking and fighting needs to be restored.

Features may include:

  • Innovative hybrid physics-based combat engine.
  • Smash or cut your enemies down with over 40+ different close combat weapons with real-life movements: swords, axes, war hammers, maces, shields, longswords or even your own fists (that’s a lot of movements).
  • Take the undead down with ranged weaponry like javelins, bow, and arrows, or blow them up with powerful explosives and make things go boom.
  • Engage against dozens of different close combat, ranged or heavily armored enemy types.
  • Use slow motion, strength, invulnerability or freeze magic potions to mutate your power and wipe out the dead ones.
  • Full-size campaign: find your way through a huge apocalyptic fantasy environment including exterior and interior scenery.
  • Horde mode: Survive through endless armies of foes and reach the top leaderboards. Can you be the best in the world?
  • Customizable movement options

Can you, Sir Anvil Capheus will be the one to help bring order to Ingolstadt? Do you have what it takes to survive the cursed Citadel? Find out when Undead Citadel comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…