If you needed one more reason to push you into playing Moonlighter well…here it is nine new companions are being added to the game for free. Digital Sun and 11 bit studios has done an incredible job since releasing Moonlighter with a roadmap of updates and they just added to the greatness. The companions are here to help you while out adventuring in the dungeons. The developers are also adding more to the story and new mini bosses to combat.

The new Friends & Foes update launches today and will be available on all platforms. Now would be a great time to play Moonlighter for the first time with new companions there to help along the way. You can see what we thought of the game on release here Moonlighter review and check out some of the new features along with the update trailer below.

New Features

  • Companions — Nine new familiars have arrived to aid you in your dungeon crawling! Kill a particular enemy 10 times and a very special egg will appear! Give the egg three days to hatch and your fresh-faced familiar will be ready for action! Each sporting different mechanics, they can damage enemies, restore your life, get items for you, act as an additional chest, and more!
  • Minibosses — Eight new minibosses are here to challenge you! They will appear as guardians of the dungeons, securing gateways leading to deeper rooms. They will emerge at the end of the first and second floor in each dungeon.
  • Zenon’s Campfire — From now on, when you visit the dungeons at night, Zenon will be there, sitting by his campfire, ready to tell you some forgotten stories of Rynoka and Moonlighter’s world. Those tales will be unlocked with the game’s progression.
  • Tomo Stories — We’ve modified and added more lines for Tomo. They should explain her relationship with Will better, shedding some light on their mutual past. 
  • Banker Information — We have introduced a lot of special warnings and UI changes to avoid the Banker “stealing” your money. A lot of you forgot to revisit that mustachioed capitalist and were losing the investment.
  • Sorting Items — We’ve added a sorting mechanic inside the inventory.
  • Get the Broom! — We’ve added the possibility to get the Broom from Le Retailer (if you’ve managed to lose it somehow!). The Broom is important for getting some achievements – so we hope you like this little feature!
  • Prices Update — We’ve added a new system in the Shop to better inform whenever an item’s price gets updated.