We don’t have to tell you this buuuut just in case you didn’t realize it, 2018 was a phenomenal year for gaming. Almost every genre was represented with some truly special games. We have come together today to reward those who dedicated themselves to creating these incredible works of art.

Brahs, I present to you.. The PlayStation Brahs’ Game of the Year Awards 2018!

PlayStation VR Game of the year:

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

As chosen by The PlayStation Brah: If you missed our E3 2018 coverage of Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, The Brah was blown away by the short demo he went hands-on. So when the full release hit, it blew him away. He knew it would be good from playing the demo, but this damn good?!? Astro Bot: Rescue Mission has created the bar for future VR platformers. Own a PlayStation VR headset? BUY THIS GAME!!

Indie Game of the Year:

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

As chosen by The Indie Legend: A late arrival in 2018, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was definitely worth the wait. This year gave the gaming community some stellar titles to choose from but in my opinion the turn-based combat game stood out from the crowd. With crisp visuals, amazing combat and a great story line, it has to be high on anybody’s list. Once you pick up the controller to play this game you will find it difficult to put it back down and that is why this is my Indie game of the year.

Remake/Remaster of the Year:

Shadow of the Colossus

Bluepoint Games took everything that you loved about the original Shadow of the Colossus, bumped it up two generations of console power, then dropped it upon a whole new generation of fans. They did a phenomenal job with it, easily winning over new fans and old school fans alike.

‘The Comeback kid’ Award:

No Man’s Sky

Gaming has changed drastically since we all first picked up a controller. Before a game might launch with bugs or lacking features and that was that. Today developers can release updates, drastically altering the state of their games. The ‘Comeback Kid’ Award highlights a game where the devs didn’t give up, as they constantly improved their game for the better.

Hello Games promised the PlayStation Nation the world before launch of NMS. Multiplayer with friends. Dynamic worlds. An epic sci-fi storyline. While it took them almost two years to fulfill those promises, they delivered upon their original pitch and have completely transformed the game, as they still continue to do so on an almost weekly basis.

Open-world Game of the Year:

Red Dead Redemption II

Rockstar Games and their mighty team of developers took everything you loved about the original RDR and made it better, giving fans of the series an even bigger, more interactive world to explore as Arthur Morgan. Dead animal carcasses rot over time. NPC Characters remember prior events. The attention to detail that Rockstar Games put into RDR2′s open-world was almost unrivaled in 2018.

Action-Adventure Game of the Year:

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Someone once sang “Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can” including winning our Action-Adventure Game of the Year Award! Insomniac Games gave the PlayStation Nation the definitive Spider-Man game, as they raised the bar for future super-heroes games to come. With over 9 million gamers having played the game, we know you will agree with this Award. Excelsior!

Most Anticipated Game Award:

The Last of Us Part II

As chosen by you, the Fans! Brah. We took to Twitter to ask you, The Fans, what your most anticipated game is. With 50% of the votes, The Last of Us Part II choked the competition to death, Brah!

With over 17 million copies sold across the PS3 and PS4, the fanbase for this game anxiously await every bit of news regarding it, no matter how big or small. Once Naughty Dog reveals the release date, the heat will be on for this highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive.

Puzzle Game of the Year:

Tetris Effect

While the Tetris Effect is a good name for this game, the Tetris Experience would’ve been way more fitting! What Enhance Games and their teams did was turn “just another Tetris game” into an euphoric musical experience across the world while playing Tetris. Want the ultimate experience? Play the PlayStation VR mode. As Neo once said, WHOA.

Game of the Year:

God of War

BOY! What did you expect? The Quiet Man? Cory Barlog and the team at Santa Monica Studios took one of Sony’s biggest franchises, gutted it, flipped the script, rebooted the gameplay, then proceeded to give us one of not only the best PS4 exclusives yet, but one of the best PlayStation 4 games period.

An amazing game that should be experienced by every PS4 owner out there, God of War will give you the feels while tearing apart your enemies in a shower of their own blood. Play. This. Game.