Brah! Welcome to our first post of 2019!!

Quantic Drean had a (mostly) memorable 2018, as Detroit: Become Human went on to become their fastest-selling game they’ve ever released.

The French team of developers took to Twitter to tease their future, giving fans something to talk!

So what could it mean?! LET US SPECULATE!!

  • PlayStation and Quantic Dream’s 3 game deal is now complete. Could this mean they’re returning to developing multiplatform titles?
  • Could they be purchased by Microsoft? Rumors appeared late last year that MS was looking to purchase a studio who has worked with Playstation.
  • Could they be joining SIE WWS? PlayStation and Quantic Dream have had a great relationship over the years.
  • MORE Detroit: Become Human goodness? DLC? Sequel announcement?

What do you think, Brah?? Let us know in the comments below! If you have yet to play it, check out our review of Detroit: Become Human!